Design your own TOMS

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TOMS has lots of classic and funky shoes already, but now they want their most creative shoppers to submit custom designs.

The progressive shoe/philanthropic company has teamed up with Teen Vogue to promote the contest which will manufacture a limited-edition pair of shoes to be sold on

You can buy a plain white pair of the shoes for 25% off or download a blank virtual canvas, which is free. Click here for more information and the entry form.

You’ve got until the end of April, so good luck!



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4 responses to “Design your own TOMS

  1. I just saw a woman wearing shiny gold ones the other day. Wondered if they were Toms. I liked them…and told her so.

  2. i would like to suggest that toms make a new design totheir shoes! I have seen alot of people wearing them and my girlfriend is wanting a pair and she loves everything houndstooth. so i was thinking, maybe make a houndstooth pair oftoms an sell them, many people will buy i know!!

  3. autumn

    these shoes are awsome i would love to help yall design your tom shoes but i am only 14

  4. i love your toms and i would love to help yall design your toms but i am only 14

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