Who else makes cargo pants?

Photo Source: denimblog.com

JBrand’s Houlihan cargo pants. You know them. Everyone has them: SJP, Rachel Bilson, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, and Jessica Alba practically lives in hers (Pink Mascara doesn’t even waste time listing: their product page simply says “…as seen on Jessica Alba + many others). I get the appeal: you know I’m a JBrand girl, and I’m all about turning more interesting items into unexpected staples.

But does anyone else make cargo pants? I would never buy these, unless they were on sale for, like, $20. Singer22, Pink Mascara, Shopbop, Kitson, etc, etc are still selling them for $230 and up, which makes me think they’re still going to be around for a while, and like that skull and crossbones Alexander McQueen scarf from a couple of years ago, what is everyone’s obsession with wearing the exact same piece? It’s not just the same trend or same idea: everyone in Hollywood is walking around in a prom or Oscar night nightmare.

Anlo, Current/Elliott, Elizabeth & James, Twenty8Twelve: where have you been? Can someone else please make a new pair of skinny (or just cute) cargos?



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2 responses to “Who else makes cargo pants?

  1. Helen

    Agreed! And here’s my beef, because I desperately wanted some cute cargos at the beginning of the summer and might have been willing to forgo some manis and some rent for a worthwhile pair, the JBrands are not even flattering! I’m sorry, if they make J.Alba and SJP look hip-y, we’re all in trouble.

    Where’s the comparable cut but flattering? A good straight leg, or better placed pockets?
    Except for one pair of Juicy’s I tried, I haven’t even found a stopgap between the $230 trying to be stylish JBrands and $12 Wal-Mart ‘I think I’ll repaint my bathroom while smuggling ho-hos and not shaving my legs’ pair…

    Madewell, these are easy. A given. Just crank some out already.

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