In which I hate on Gossip Girl and love it.

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Just when I’d started blogging more regularly again, I broke my nose, chipped a tooth and discovered I have scary high blood pressure — as a result, I slipped deep into a wave of icing my face and acquainting myself with Houston’s health care community. But I’m back. While I update my post to-do list, snazz-up the About page, and work on new features, here’s some fun news from the fashion world. We all need it, whether or not your BP is as high as mine.

  • Karl’s kicking off Cannes’ month of red carpets with his Cruise Collection show. Click through Popsugar’s slideshow for pretty pictures from the South of France, the perfect backdrop for some really awkward snapshots of Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson, Vanessa Paradis and Clemence Poesy. Who was this photog?
  • Not only is Taylor Momsen not returning to Gossip Girl, Jessica Szohr’s out, too. Which is just as well, because she’s been a filler character for some time now, and a poor excuse for a plot catalyst the past several episodes. She needs a spin-off, not a recurring role on the UES. Although how much of the Ed Westwick break-up do you think we can attribute to Vanessa’s demise?
  • Speaking of Jessica Szohr, I still can’t get over girlfriend’s hot mess at the Met Gala last week. Perhaps she’d already gotten her pink slip.

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