Downtown style: do you really sleep in your daytime clothes?

When Alexander Wang released his first collection, he admitted part of his inspiration was the soft, worn-in tees he slept in, then kept on during the day. They were thin, a little stretched out, and instant favorites of downtown groupies like Erin Wasson and other MODs. Comfy and cooly sexy, sure, but also a little gross? Who wants to go out to dinner in the sleep-shirt you tossed and turned in, (and sweated out your downtown partying in)?

Last week Fashiontoast’s Rumi Neely reminded me of the slept-in trend, which is apparently still having a moment, even on the West Coast. She paired her red JBrand 811s “with the tshirt [she] slept in all weekend.” No offense to Rumi Neely, I just keep wondering, if you have enough time and respect for yourself to do your makeup, your hair, and put together a cute outfit, why can’t you pick out a clean shirt?

And if you do love the slept-in look enough to actually do it, are you one of those people who shuffles down to the hotel breakfast buffet in our pjs, shaking your dead skin cells all over my scrambled eggs? I just don’t see the difference.


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