To keep you busy until I return…**

I’m going to be doing a bit of traveling over the next 10 days (Chicago! Seattle!), so posting will be sparse. But in the meantime, I want to forward you to two of my favorite new online reads, if you haven’t found them already.

Life 2.oh!: My high school friend Julie Miller (and 4th grade talent show co-choreographer) has moved on from Seventeen and now maneuvers the quarter-life crisis. She and her friend Lauren Metz just launched this spring Life 2.oh! — an online magazine dealing with fashion, relationships, career advice and party planning tips. Its contributor-style, social media-rich platform makes browsing the site feel more like an actual break-room pow-wow.

XOJane: Former Jane and Sassy founding editor Jane Pratt has a new webzine, XOJane, and it’s hilarious. Pratt’s willingness to take on — and search out — hushed up topics explodes on this site, supported by a team of (yes) sassy, smart, confident (but still self-deprecating) writers who publish articles like “Men I’m Over: Foodies,” “I Am Online Stalking My Dream Dress,” and “How My Friend’s Canceled Wedding Saved a Cab Driver’s Ass.” Please hire, me Jane Pratt!

**Oh, and just in case you were confused, that is not a picture of me getting ready to jet off to Chicago and Seattle. That’s Giuliana Rancic sitting first class, in a picture I stole from Life2.oh!


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