Kate Middleton wears an actual gown

I’m not going to refer to her as Duchess Catherine because I don’t live in England.

Whether you loved or weren’t very impressed with Kate’s wedding dress, you can probably agree that it was the most interesting thing she’s ever worn. Duh, it was her wedding dress. But now that Kate’s married — and has a few extra pounds in her pocket (she needs them somewhere!) — she might be stepping into some snazzier dresses.

Today she wore a sparkly, pale pink Jenny Packham gown for the ARK gala in London, during which William reveals his new charity or something, but back to the dress.

It’s the first time I can think of that Kate’s worn anything embellished besides a hat, and while she could have slipped on a bracelet or mismatched her clutch, this is major progress. The royal stylist probably has cabinets full of samples and ideas for her new charge, and I can’t wait to see them.

Photo Credit: Hollywood Life


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