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4 reasons why Angelina Jolie’s jewelry line is different from other celebrity collections

Jolie's Oscar earrings. Photo Source: Style with Anna

When I first heard about Angelina Jolie’s new jewelry line, I thought she’d sold out. Turns out, her baubles collection carries more weight than other star lines. Here’s why:

  1. It’s expensive. Pieces start at $4,000, a far cry from JewelMint and the department store collections top designer and celebrities often downsize for. But that’s because Jolie’s out to raise cash, not earn it. Sales benefit the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, so while she’ll sell fewer items than if she partnered with Macy’s, Jolie’s charity bank will still fill up fast — relatively speaking, of course. Another reason for the higher price? Jolie — who’s been a UN Goodwill Ambassador for years — isn’t likely to pawn off fast fashion manufacturers to make her jewelry. Expect them to be crafted by talented artisans in fair working conditions. No blood diamonds in this bunch.
  2. She’s only serving private, invite-only clients (at least for now). You’ve got to be a special somebody to be offered a look at Angelina’s jewelry collection for now, since she’s most likely not wasting her time showing pieces unless clients are ready to buy up quickly. Jolie may design a lower-end collection from Middle American buyers, but that’s still to be worked out.
  3. The jewelery’s on the road. To reach clients around the world without wasting money on overhead for retail space, Jolie’s collection is a traveling one. Starting in Beverly Hills and then moving on to Monaco, the limited availability may also inspire her audience to impulse buy, which is good for charity.
  4. It’s probably not junk: An extension of reason #1, Jolie’s pieces cost a lot and are most likely going to be manufactured by legitimate vendors. Therefore, the higher price tag means really beautiful, long-lasting jewelry you’d be proud to pass on.

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Weeding out spring’s florals

Project Iris burnout tee

“Florals…for spring?” You’d think every designer, stylist and fashion editor would hear an echo of Miranda Priestly’s snide put-down every time they added flowers to the spring and summer mix. And yet, each year, florals are touted as an It trend for…spring. Here are some of the best this year — in terms of originality, appeal, and versatility.

Project Iris: Original artwork is printed on these light-weight tees, and a portion of each sale is  donated to the World Food Program to provide nutritious meals to mothers and their young children in the developing world.

Diane von Furstenberg: Diane’s bright prints are appealing for their saturated colors and flattering, all-over pattern. It’s only when you look closely that you realize leaves, buds and poppies are her inspiration.

Jewelry: Flowers made out of more substantial materials — wood, metal — anchor the trend’s delicate nature.

Urban Outfitters shorts: I had a pair of these when I was in 5th grade, I think. That alone gives me enough push-pull to want them again (or not) but the 90s washed-out color palette on top of a tailored printed short really is perfect for pool parties and brunch.

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Hats of the season

The fedora got a little overdone last summer, and while I’ll still be wearing my straw style this year, there are a whole lot of new hat trends to try on.

Fashionologie recapped several of them here, and models like Kate Moss and Anouck Lepère have been topping their off-duty outfits with wider-brimmed hats. I’m hoping this continued interest in wearing hats brings back another millinery accessory: hat pins! I’m always clinging onto my hats when the weather’s breezy, and berets and pillbox-type hats essentially require them. About two years ago I had no luck finding any, but the sells several options for $9.95 each.

Which hat trend is your favorite?


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Name one item that costs the same now as it did 10 years ago

Photo Source:

Yesterday afternoon I flipped through my L.L. Bean catalog, looking for the one spring/summer item I turn to each year (I usually only order from L.L. Bean around Christmastime) — their boat and tote bag. So many colors, such a classic American look, and hey, such a reasonable price! In fact, “the same price since 2001” was written in the catalog next to the bags, and I had to give myself a minute to appreciate the cost control.

Can you think of anything sold retail that’s still the same price it was a decade ago? I’ve recently been lamenting the major amp up in cost of J.Crew’s chino shorts, which are now going for $42.50 ($45 for the longer styles). I can guarantee my mother didn’t spend $90 on two pairs of summer shorts back when I was in high school.

As much as I pick out my perfect L.L.Bean boat and tote bag each year — color, size, open- or zip-top, and monogram — I never buy one because I never go to the beach or even picnic. At least it’ll (hopefully) be the same price next year…

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What’s new for the bride-to-be

Vera Wang for David's Bridal; Photo Source:

It’s a great time to plan a wedding. Beyond David’s Bridal and standard (or over-the-top) bridal boutiques, several favorite retailers are going bridal, too. Here’s a quick round-up, and anymore you’ve heard about, please share!

  • Gilt Groupe: They extended their flash sales to incorporate all bridal themes, including wedding dresses, bridal party wardrobes and even honeymoons.
  • Shopbop: You could easily outfit your bridesmaids from this site already, and maybe even find a beautiful dress for yourself, depending on the type of wedding you’re having. But everyone who gets regular Shopbop e-mail blasts knows that a special wedding e-boutique is on its way.
  • Urban Outfitters, Inc.: What would a bride who’s half Urban Outfitters and half Anthropologie wear to her wedding? Debuting exclusively online this Valentine’s Day with a single store to arrive in August, BHLDN is a new concept from Urban Outfitters, Inc., showcasing “off-kilter” dresses, glassware and other bridal and wedding accessories. Two or three stores will open next year, with a larger goal of providing all kinds of party and special occasion clothes. Sign up for e-mail updates here.
  • Net-a-Porter: Another fabulous site for wedding dress shopping, where you can easily snag a Lanvin or Matthew Williamson for less than a poufy cupcake thing you’d find at a bridal boutique. And to make browsing even easier, the site’s already filtered bridal into its own online boutique for MOBs, bridesmaids, shoes, and more.
  • J.Crew: One of the first conventional retailers to add bridal, J.Crew has admittedly stepped up its game in the last couple of seasons. And with mini boutiques for engagement parties, honeymoons and even “something blue,” you can at least get a free virtual planning assistant out of the site.
  • Vera Wang for David’s Bridal: First Kohl’s, now David’s Bridal. Vera Wang’s just debuted her wedding dresses for the national chain, and they’re pretty. If you can’t afford the real thing, this is worth a quick finger-rub test. If the fabric is up to par, I can’t imagine how this couldn’t be a viable option.

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    OPI launches Texas-themed nail colors

    "Big Hair Big Nails"

    Next Friday I’m going to be a bridesmaid in my cousin Kathleen’s wedding on Long Island, and I’ve been stressing about how to do my nails. We’re getting them done together, but I can’t decide if I want something poppy, like fuschia, something edgy in a dark metallic color, or even something more subdued but still noticeable, like a pastel, patent-y pink.

    While doing research online last night, I came across OPI’s new Texas-themed collection of nail polishes. Since I’m from Houston, went to college in San Antonio, and have lots of family and friends from Texas, I got a little excited, in spite of myself.

    There’s a teal Austin Tatious, I Want to Be a Lone Star (a tribute to the big Texas sky), an espresso Suzi Loves Cowboys, a bright tangerine Y’all Come Back You Hear?, a grapey magenta Houston, We Have Purple, fuschia Do You Think I’m Texy?, emerald Don’t Mess With OPI, a slick silver It’s Totally Fort Worth It, sandy San Tan-Tonio, neon pink Guy Meets Galveston, and two other bold colors.

    If only there were a pretty bluebonnet shade for spring! But I’m thinking about snagging a color or two to stow away in my suitcase for New York.

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    Coach giveaway at Bags Bonanza

    You’ve still got a day to enter the Bonanza Handbag Sweepstakes, over at Bags Bonanza’s Bag Blog (is that enough Bs for you?)

    They’re giving away a sateen Coach handbag here by commenting on the post, answering the question “Who is the most stylish celebrity and why?” More rules here. I recommend entering: even if you’re still in the middle of coat weather, the preppy mint green color will get you ready for spring!

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