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Kate Middleton wears an actual gown

I’m not going to refer to her as Duchess Catherine because I don’t live in England.

Whether you loved or weren’t very impressed with Kate’s wedding dress, you can probably agree that it was the most interesting thing she’s ever worn. Duh, it was her wedding dress. But now that Kate’s married — and has a few extra pounds in her pocket (she needs them somewhere!) — she might be stepping into some snazzier dresses.

Today she wore a sparkly, pale pink Jenny Packham gown for the ARK gala in London, during which William reveals his new charity or something, but back to the dress.

It’s the first time I can think of that Kate’s worn anything embellished besides a hat, and while she could have slipped on a bracelet or mismatched her clutch, this is major progress. The royal stylist probably has cabinets full of samples and ideas for her new charge, and I can’t wait to see them.

Photo Credit: Hollywood Life


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4 reasons why Angelina Jolie’s jewelry line is different from other celebrity collections

Jolie's Oscar earrings. Photo Source: Style with Anna

When I first heard about Angelina Jolie’s new jewelry line, I thought she’d sold out. Turns out, her baubles collection carries more weight than other star lines. Here’s why:

  1. It’s expensive. Pieces start at $4,000, a far cry from JewelMint and the department store collections top designer and celebrities often downsize for. But that’s because Jolie’s out to raise cash, not earn it. Sales benefit the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, so while she’ll sell fewer items than if she partnered with Macy’s, Jolie’s charity bank will still fill up fast — relatively speaking, of course. Another reason for the higher price? Jolie — who’s been a UN Goodwill Ambassador for years — isn’t likely to pawn off fast fashion manufacturers to make her jewelry. Expect them to be crafted by talented artisans in fair working conditions. No blood diamonds in this bunch.
  2. She’s only serving private, invite-only clients (at least for now). You’ve got to be a special somebody to be offered a look at Angelina’s jewelry collection for now, since she’s most likely not wasting her time showing pieces unless clients are ready to buy up quickly. Jolie may design a lower-end collection from Middle American buyers, but that’s still to be worked out.
  3. The jewelery’s on the road. To reach clients around the world without wasting money on overhead for retail space, Jolie’s collection is a traveling one. Starting in Beverly Hills and then moving on to Monaco, the limited availability may also inspire her audience to impulse buy, which is good for charity.
  4. It’s probably not junk: An extension of reason #1, Jolie’s pieces cost a lot and are most likely going to be manufactured by legitimate vendors. Therefore, the higher price tag means really beautiful, long-lasting jewelry you’d be proud to pass on.

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StyleMint to follow JewelMint

Though I haven’t bought anything from the recently hyped-up JewelMint just yet, I’m signed up and have watched the Kate and Cher videos explaining their motivation for and fun creating their members-only jewelry club. And just a couple months after its release, their parent company has announced a parallel fashion site to come, launched by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

The collection will start with 8 t-shirts and may broaden to include other knitwear in the future. Like JewelMint, each piece will cost $29.99 and feature videos of the young designers.

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The pant side slit: will you bring it back?

When I was in 7th grade, major bell bottoms had another moment. And in the 1990s, before bootcut styles and gentle flares became a new staple of mainstream women’s fashion, it was either those 70s flower power pants or the dorky, tapered leg. So if you were cool in my middle school, you found some scissors and cut the leg opening of your jeans (usually just the inside) a few inches up so that your boots or Asics were veiled in an edgier swath of denim — bunched jeans meant you sat alone at lunch.

Since bootcut jeans arrived, the need for a DIY pant slit hasn’t been necessary. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t coming back — Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been designing and wearing pants with slits for the past few months, and the zippered cropped jean has been for sale on J Brand for longer.

Is this a new customizable jeans or party pants trend you’ll start buying — or that you think is worth doing at home?

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What to Wear, Where now available on

Aha! After previewing the new WhoWhatWear book for you guys a couple of weeks ago — and not having any info. about release dates or pricing — the book is finally out, as are details about grabbing a copy of your own. The book is officially retailing for $18.95 but is on sale now at for $12.89. I mentioned before that readers will get clues for picking out outfits for different occasions — there are 50 event and wardrobe ideas in all.

The WhoWhatWear girls are also going on a limited book tour in Newport Beach, New York and Chicago.

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Michelle Obama outshines two presidents

Photo Source: Doug Mills for The New York Times

“It’s wonderful how that dress renders two of the most powerful men in the world completely invisible.”

~”St. Valentine,” a commenter on Cathy Horyn’s NYT blog post about Michelle Obama’s stunning red and black Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown she wore to last night’s White House dinner honoring Chinese President Hu Jintao.

It’s true, though, no?

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Fashion TV shows: the new lineup

Photo Source: I'm Bringing Blogging Back

Gossip Girl returns Monday, the 24th, but make way for more shows, too, including spinoffs and old favorites. Here’s the new lineup for spring, and beyond:

Lauren Conrad’s new docu-style show for MTV has already started filming, but no title or start date have been confirmed. Expect lots of behind-the-scenes design stuff: meetings, sketches and hopefully, party hopping and schmoozing.

Whitney Port’s Hulu show launched today. Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend tests different guys’ ability to complete “perfect boyfriend tasks” in a non-ironic Legally Blonde stylized format. I’m not sure this one will last.

Olivia Palermo is getting her own show, too, and apparently her own fashion line. She’s played coy about the actual plot so far, but my guess is that it will involve lots of European fashion shows and editorial shoots, ie, posing.

Final City spinoff news (I hope): Erin Kaplan is leaving ELLE for a new position as head of PR at Teen Vogue. There’s been no confirmation of the cameras following her to TV but Fashionista remembered that EIC Amy Astley recently divulged that the magazine is working on a new show, and Kaplan certainly has the clout and following to start it off right.

Now here’s one I’m really excited about: Kelly Cutrone is getting a new show, and you don’t even have to be in the fashion industry to receive some of her bitchy-with-a-spoonful-of-love career advice. She’s currently casting “talented, motivated, and dedicated young adults (appear to be 18-23) who want to showcase their talents and passions.” If you’re cast, Kelly will tell you if you have what it takes to make it — on camera, and in front of millions of people.

And finally, The Rachel Zoe Project: Season 4 will happen, and will be all about Baby Zoe. More importantly, will we finally learn what happened with the split from Brad?

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