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Best of The FIND Houston, spring 2011 edition

Mr. Larkin designs

On probably the last gorgeous day Houston will see until mid-October (if that), I hit up the fashion market, The FIND, at Boheme. It was the perfect venue, too: designers and their booths snaked around the cafe and bar’s back yard and patio area, drinking cocktails in the sun and chatting with customers and curious parties from inside. Here’s the best of what I found, and who I’ll be featuring in the coming months:

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Rodarte for Target fits true to size, isn’t total crap

Photo Source:

Even though I was a day late, my Target was fully stocked with Rodarte’s GO International collaboration. I picked up a mustard lace and tulle skirt ($29.99) and a sweatshirt-inspired gray tee ($12.99). The skirt and shirt fit true to size and are definitely better quality than regular Target merchandise: the tee is thicker and softer than Mossimo shirts especially, and the camis I fingered were also more substantial than Target’s own.

I really wanted the leopard coat (kind of like a heavy duty blazer): it felt warm and it’s structure was solid and flattering, but am afraid that come February, everyone will be wearing the new “classic” style. I didn’t have time to search for the tights, and I wish I’d grabbed this dress to see how the satin bows (floppy on the hanger) fell on my actual shoulders.

If your store is sold out, or you don’t have a Target nearby, I’d say you’re safe buying online.

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It’s time to man-up your vintage tees

If you love tongue-in-cheek fashion like I do, you might die over these t-shirts from Retro Campaigns.

You’ve seen the old-school designs for Obama and the Abercrombie and Urban Outfitters vintage-inspired tees, but did you know that now you can show off your support for the likes of Teddy Roosevelt or William Henry Harrison?

Check out this graphic tee for Lincoln, aka “the rail splitter;” Reagan’s ’76 t-shirt-worthy logo; an “RFK for the U.S.A.” tee; and the classic peace-lovers’ slogan: “1-2-3-4, W.D.W.Y.F.W.”

Maybe you have to be a bit of a U.S. history nut to want to walk around with “Tippecanoe and Tyler too” across your chest, but there are so many underlying messages wearing a faux (or is it real?) vintage political tee that it’s just too much of a temptation.

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The new Mally Beauty Fragrance

mally headshotWhat if you could smell the way that Beyonce, Heidi and Angelina look? Each celeb has a very different look, but they do share the same make-up artist, Mally Roncal, a pretty fab lady who’s just launched her own perfume via QVC. It’s simply called the Mally Beauty Fragrance and is described as clean, fresh and citrusy, and runs for $59.16. The scent is based from the Sampaguita flower, the national flower of the Philippines and sometimes referred to as a type of jasmine. Sounds refreshing and sweet, and it’s always nice to hear about a career crossover from someone behind-the-scenes (read: a person who actually knows what they’re doing).

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The best scarves for layering

It’s scarf weather, even in Houston. And to celebrate, a selection of this season’s best scarves for layering, for all style types. Be sure to check each link for alternate colors, too!

grandescarfGrande Cashmere Scarf, Nepali by TDM Design; $245: The perfect scarf-as-shawl, this chunky, soft-looking cashmere scarf comes in 8 colors.

Kiki Cashmere Neck Warmer, Nepali by TDM Design; $75: This scarf, pictured below, fits loosely over your head and around your neck like a comfy statement necklace that won’t get in the way. It can also be pulled up like a hood or cape, too. kiki_cactus_large

margopetitti“Peg,” Margo Petitti, $150: Chuck Bass would probably even wear this scarf, which is classy enough for holiday parties or brunch. Definitely on my list.



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What you’ll find at The FIND Houston = the best stuff of your life.

Ancestor Vintage pumps

Ancestor Vintage pumps

If you live in Houston and are looking for something different to do this weekend, you should take yourself on a little treasure hunt through the Warehouse District to the underground shopping and fashion “experience,” The FIND. It’s basically located next to the train tracks in a very gutted looking warehouse, but on the inside, you’ll find tables and racks filled with the city’s most unique and exciting jewelry, accessories and clothing items. It only happens a couple times a year, and it’s worth the $8 ticket ($10 at the door).

Like H-E-B, the girls at The FIND must have a grueling interview and screening process, because only the most talented, delightfully innovative and friendly designers and shopkeepers are let in to show off their stuff, which makes it even more fun. I stopped by when they opened this morning, and every designer or representative I talked to seemed to have a more fascinating background than the previous one. Here’s what you won’t find: folksy crap, Texas-themed junk, or snot-nosed sales girls. Make sure to stop by the following tables especially: Continue reading


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WhoWhatWear book now for sale at Shopbop

wwwbookHere’s an early treat: Shopbop is already carrying the WhoWhatWear book, for just $18.95.

The full name of the book is Who What Wear: Celebrity and Runway Style for Real Life and features 60 full-color photographs, hopefully of WWW favorites like Alexa, Sienna and Chloe.

Click here to shop.

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