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Fashion of another color

Photo Source: The Black History album, via Of Another Fashion

Those in and out of the fashion industry often complain about the lack of women of color on magazine covers, in major editorials and on runways, and while some progress has been made, there’s still a justification for critique. But yesterday while procrastinating on Facebook, I opened a link that my high school friend Amy had posted: a tumblr and digital archive of an exhibition-in-the-making called Of Another Fashion, by Minh-Ha T. Pham.

As Pham works to edit and fund her exhibition, she’s already sharing her photographs and memorabilia on her site, creating a comprehensive fashion history of women of color, from an NAACP fashion show in 1956 to Japanese women on their way to the infamous internment camp, Manzanar, to a 1977 Native American fashion show to African American vaudeville stars.

If you’re a street style junkie or love looking over vintage photographs and advertisements, you’ll need to keep up with this site, and the overall campaign. Scrolling through photographs from W.E.B. Dubois’ own personal collection is inexcusably a new, and thus, slightly chilling, experience. Not to mention compelling. It seems like you’re also free to send in photos you think deserve inclusion, so start digging through your own family’s archives.


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Net-a-Porter’s 10 Lingerie Commandments

You already know about my obsession with pretty underwear. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been trying to step up my own collection, and fully support the wearing of good quality, stylish underwear, even for non-special occasions. And that’s why I was extra excited to find this blast from Net-a-Porter.

They’ve outlined their 10 Lingerie Commandments, ranging from the practical — Thou Shalt Wear Activity-Appropriate Underpinnings — to the more indulgent — Thou Shalt Always Wear Beautiful Underwear. Other tips? Committing brand adultery is cool and can let you practice mixing and matching colors, textures, patterns and silhouettes without risking odd looks at the office or on the street. Genius!

And even if you can’t afford bras and boy shorts from Net-a-Porter, click through sets like the one at left, on Anthropologie, or even

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Janie Bryant’s MOD Line is already waitlisting

While it was first reported — by me but also by outlets like The Cut — that Mad Men stylist Janie Bryant’s MOD collection for QVC would be available on September 29, it’s already up online, and there’s waitlist for certain items. I’m not sure if they changed the date altogether or will add more pieces for the televised sale on the 29th, but if you were already planning to pick up some of the leopard print pieces or that peacock blue swing coat, I wouldn’t hesitate to get on the waitlist. I’m pretty bummed that the faux fur coat is out


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Mad Men-inspired QVC collection drops September 29

Photo Source: AVLOG

I. Can’t. Wait.

I have my retro lifestyle-loving friend Holly to thank for cueing me onto this before anyone else. Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant (aka the woman with the best job in Hollywood) has designed a capsule collection for QVC inspired by the award-winning show.

The line — called Mod by Janie Bryant — drops September 29 and will include 20 pieces, including this hat that Holly’s already called dibs on, and the capelet, which I’ve already budgeted for, and which I plan to wear with tight shifts when I’m feeling like Joan, or thrown over cropped skinnies when I’m in a “Bets” mood, or over jean shorts when I want to feel more like Kate Moss.

Who knew QVC would have the most exciting collection of the season?


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We’ve become “a nation of slobs”

Miley's famous church outfitI hesitate to tell you the person who pointed me to this article by Froma Harrop on Real Clear Politics about American sloppiness, because I don’t want its message to be chalked up to old-fashioned propriety.

In her editorial, Harrop bemoans our “nation of slobs,” comprised of “mature women…in stained sweat suits,” Hollywood celebrities who dine at fancy establishments in backwards baseball caps, and young men who escort “doll[ed] up” dates as they slum it in frayed jeans and t-shirts.

There’s no sense of pride or even respect in getting dressed anymore, Harrop argues, and I agree with her. Save for the job interview or a funeral, most Americans have forgotten — or never understood — what significance dressing nicely holds. You don’t have to pretend you’re at Fashion Week every day or spend a third of your income on brand name clothes, but is it too much to ask to wear pants with actual buttons or tops with any semblance of tailoring?

The next time you go out — to a restaurant, the grocery store, or a wedding — please practice a little editing when you plan out your outfit. Or at any rate, do plan and don’t assume we’re all just “nobodies for whom [you] don’t have to change out of a sweatshirt.” It’s not about being pretentious or a poser or pretending you have gobs of money when you’re really just scraping by. It’s about civility, community and quite honestly, not grossing out the person next to you on the plane or behind you in line at the bank. Don’t you want to look your best?

All right, I’ll tell you. My mother sent it to me.

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Rodarte for Target fits true to size, isn’t total crap

Photo Source:

Even though I was a day late, my Target was fully stocked with Rodarte’s GO International collaboration. I picked up a mustard lace and tulle skirt ($29.99) and a sweatshirt-inspired gray tee ($12.99). The skirt and shirt fit true to size and are definitely better quality than regular Target merchandise: the tee is thicker and softer than Mossimo shirts especially, and the camis I fingered were also more substantial than Target’s own.

I really wanted the leopard coat (kind of like a heavy duty blazer): it felt warm and it’s structure was solid and flattering, but am afraid that come February, everyone will be wearing the new “classic” style. I didn’t have time to search for the tights, and I wish I’d grabbed this dress to see how the satin bows (floppy on the hanger) fell on my actual shoulders.

If your store is sold out, or you don’t have a Target nearby, I’d say you’re safe buying online.

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Practical underwear: beyond the bodysuit

Photo Source:

Photo Source:

I’ve wondered about the practicality of old-fashioned underpinnings a few times on FSML, and it seems that Kiki de Montparnasse has been mulling over the return of undercover structure, too. The legendary and indulgent lingerie and “lifestyle” brand is now selling this Garter Tank on Shopbop, and while the basic white tank design isn’t exactly erotic, it definitely turns what’s actually basic and practical into something a lot more fun and feminine.

It’s $195, so you should probably top it with a blouse if you want it to last longer than your dinner date. But (just for kicks) if you were going to spend that much on lingerie, it would be more of an investment than, say, buying something like this, no?

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