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What’s your “tacky trend?”

Photo Source: Denimology

I’m no Jackie when it comes to fashion — I prefer my leopard print and big sunglasses with a little more rawness — but there’s not much from Vanessa Hudgens’ wardrobe I’d steal, either (although girlfriend does do Coachella up right). Except for her collection of ripped and rocker Siwy shorts.

I’ve got two pairs myself — this pair being the trashier of the two. Everyone from Sienna Miller to Kate Moss to Miley have been photographed wearing them, so I realize Siwy’s comfy, laid-back staples aren’t PWT-material exclusively, but I’m secretly dying for a pair of tie-dyed or white shredded shorts. I’ve never been to LA and am not a huge fan of the city’s overall fashion aesthetic, but I’ve got a barely veiled weakness for tacky jean shorts that’s only kept in check by Siwy’s price tag.

What’s your closet tacky trend, and how often do you let if fly?


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Weeding out spring’s florals

Project Iris burnout tee

“Florals…for spring?” You’d think every designer, stylist and fashion editor would hear an echo of Miranda Priestly’s snide put-down every time they added flowers to the spring and summer mix. And yet, each year, florals are touted as an It trend for…spring. Here are some of the best this year — in terms of originality, appeal, and versatility.

Project Iris: Original artwork is printed on these light-weight tees, and a portion of each sale is  donated to the World Food Program to provide nutritious meals to mothers and their young children in the developing world.

Diane von Furstenberg: Diane’s bright prints are appealing for their saturated colors and flattering, all-over pattern. It’s only when you look closely that you realize leaves, buds and poppies are her inspiration.

Jewelry: Flowers made out of more substantial materials — wood, metal — anchor the trend’s delicate nature.

Urban Outfitters shorts: I had a pair of these when I was in 5th grade, I think. That alone gives me enough push-pull to want them again (or not) but the 90s washed-out color palette on top of a tailored printed short really is perfect for pool parties and brunch.

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Midis, minis, or maxis?

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For the past three or four years, maxi dresses have populated the pages in spring and summer fashion magazines and websites, and along with midis, they’ve virtually beaten out anything short for this season’s warmer months. But I’m still not sold, at least not completely.

For one, I’m relatively petite. A maxi dress has to fit perfectly: close to the body without being too tight in all the wrong places, and not so long as to drag on the ground and look sloppy. And since I’m so particular about fit, that means shopping online for maxis is out of the question, at least until I’ve found a brand I really like and trust.

Secondly, I’m a mini fan. The shorter the better, at least within reason, when it comes to shorts, skirts and dresses. Minis make me look taller and leaner, and it’s my go-to silhouette.

But I just found the perfect compromise: Helmut Lang’s asymmetrical skirt — a sexy but dress-up or dress-down piece that’s sold in black, taupe or white, depending on the retailer. I’m a little late to the game — most smalls are sold out or on back-order, but the long length is liberated with the dramatic slit up the side. Worn with wedges or booties and a cotton tee or tank, the dramatic skirt is casually reinvented.

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The pant side slit: will you bring it back?

When I was in 7th grade, major bell bottoms had another moment. And in the 1990s, before bootcut styles and gentle flares became a new staple of mainstream women’s fashion, it was either those 70s flower power pants or the dorky, tapered leg. So if you were cool in my middle school, you found some scissors and cut the leg opening of your jeans (usually just the inside) a few inches up so that your boots or Asics were veiled in an edgier swath of denim — bunched jeans meant you sat alone at lunch.

Since bootcut jeans arrived, the need for a DIY pant slit hasn’t been necessary. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t coming back — Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been designing and wearing pants with slits for the past few months, and the zippered cropped jean has been for sale on J Brand for longer.

Is this a new customizable jeans or party pants trend you’ll start buying — or that you think is worth doing at home?

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Lacroix’s new project

Photo Souce: Desigual blog

He filed for bankruptcy in 2009, bounced back as artistic director for La Monnaie de Paris in 2010, and in 2011, Christian Lacroix is getting back to designing for the runway.

Fashion brand Desigual just released a few sneak photos (including the one at left) from their upcoming design collaboration with Lacroix, which will extend from Fall 2011 – Summer 2012. Lacroix is designing 30 pieces for Desigual, as they blend haute couture and RTW for their collection, called dream…

Desigual brands itself as “atypical Spanish wear,” and isn’t a likely partner for Lacroix, escaping the bold, abstract prints that often adorn t-shirts and dresses. Two New York stores may compete with the likes of H&M and Topshop, so could this collaboration be a new evolution for the designer-does-High Street trend? Longer partnerships that span more than one season, couture-like aspects that mean better tailoring, and more conceptual, comprehensive collections: but do already employed designers have the time?

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10 Looks to Lose: Do you agree with Cathy Horyn?

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Cathy Horyn recently put together a retrospective of the worst fashion trends — or at least most overdone trends — of 2010. I’ll admit that cupcake breasts, 50s editorials and bedazzled epaulets are yawn-worthy now, but I’m still into folded and draped skirts, touches of transparency, and the occasional (understated) stud or two. Do you agree with Cathy’s 10 looks to lose?

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Swamp rats: would you wear one?

In today’s NYT, Anna Jane Grossman wrote about Louisiana’s latest export, hitting somewhere on the outrageous meter between drive-thru booze and Jared Leto — nutria fashion.

Nutria — for the natives of more refined states — is the unofficial state pest of Louisiana. The orange-toothed swamp rat has been de-rooting important swamps and wetlands after being over-imported from South America to contribute to the fur market. As the Times reports, the state actually started paying hunters for each nutria killed as a solution to the damage and overpopulation, but they were left to rot in the swamps.

Now, they’re getting a second chance at the afterlife. New Orleans fashion designers have teamed up with Brooklyn artists to show off the new nutria style — in the form of hats, coats, cocktail dress trim, wraps and other clothing items — for a show at Williamsburg’s House of Yet, this Sunday. And those orange teeth are being capped with silver too, to drape around your neck.

The whole thing is weird. Is it more wrong to wear a pretty animal on your shoulders (a bunny or a red fox) than an ugly one? Does “guilt-free” fur exist only when you’re recycling material from an animal officially deemed as a pest and a threat to the environment? Or is this trend no different from the $2,000 fox vest you’re always dying to dig up in a vintage shop?

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