Best sites for sandal shopping

Last week my tendonitis nearly resurfaced because of too much obsessive sandal shopping online. There’s a plethora of choices this season, from fisherman styles to gladiators to Sally Draper looks to wedges, and, and, and, and…now you’ve got so many tabs open you’re starting to sweat.

To keep things in perspective — and in budget — I’ve limited myself to checking a few sites and ignoring all the rest. No ShopStyle search engine browsing for this shopping task. Here are my favorites for sandal and spring bootie shopping this year:

Zappos: Completely overwhelming inventory, but the ability to narrow choices down by color, size and other qualifications helps me shop without needing a cocktail.

Free People: Great for laid-back and rocker-chic sandal fixes. Sizes run out fairly quickly, but at least once you’ve picked out a pair you like, then you can jump on ShopStyle for a more edited (sane) experience to find your size elsewhere on the web.

DSW: Customer reviews are a big plus, as are the cheaper prices!

Endless: Look for free shipping and other deals frequently offered by, a veritable sandal Mecca come spring and summer.

Lori’s Shoes: Adorable sandals and summer shoes for all style types, especially good for finding comfortable, simple looks with a twist. Fabulous brands, too.


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Serena and Lily

I got a catalog in the mail yesterday, for Serena and Lily. Maybe I’m behind, but I’d never heard of this bedding and furniture company before, and immediately thought of the other Serena and Lily in my life: the Van der Woodsens.

As upscale as the brand hopes to be, six-year-old Serena’s walls were more likely decked with Warhols and disco balls than pastels. Even the Caravan Gypsy Tote Collection is to vanilla for Lily’s groupie days. But this has me thinking, wouldn’t a mother-daughter Van der Woodsen collection be a realistic plot line…and something for Lily to do while she’s under house arrest? It’s coming, I just know it.

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Get your tickets for this Saturday’s The Find fashion market

One last plug for this week’s The Find fashion market: hit up Boheme all day Saturday (9a.m. – 6p.m.) for sangria, cappuccino, live music, and oh, yes, one of the best edited collections of fashion and accessories designers from which to shop and with whom to chat.  Leave your attitude at home: it’s probably going to be crowded and hot, but neither the quirky bartenders at Boheme nor these cool designers have time for anything but curious, eager shoppers.

Oh, and Austin chicks: a Find fashion market is headed your way soon.

Buy your tickets on their website ($10; link is above), and if you bring a pal, take advantage of this 2 for 1 Groupon special.

When you go: Boheme’s in Montrose, at 307 Fairview, Houston, TX 77006

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In which I hate on Gossip Girl and love it.

Photo Source:


Just when I’d started blogging more regularly again, I broke my nose, chipped a tooth and discovered I have scary high blood pressure — as a result, I slipped deep into a wave of icing my face and acquainting myself with Houston’s health care community. But I’m back. While I update my post to-do list, snazz-up the About page, and work on new features, here’s some fun news from the fashion world. We all need it, whether or not your BP is as high as mine.

  • Karl’s kicking off Cannes’ month of red carpets with his Cruise Collection show. Click through Popsugar’s slideshow for pretty pictures from the South of France, the perfect backdrop for some really awkward snapshots of Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson, Vanessa Paradis and Clemence Poesy. Who was this photog?
  • Not only is Taylor Momsen not returning to Gossip Girl, Jessica Szohr’s out, too. Which is just as well, because she’s been a filler character for some time now, and a poor excuse for a plot catalyst the past several episodes. She needs a spin-off, not a recurring role on the UES. Although how much of the Ed Westwick break-up do you think we can attribute to Vanessa’s demise?
  • Speaking of Jessica Szohr, I still can’t get over girlfriend’s hot mess at the Met Gala last week. Perhaps she’d already gotten her pink slip.

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4 reasons why Angelina Jolie’s jewelry line is different from other celebrity collections

Jolie's Oscar earrings. Photo Source: Style with Anna

When I first heard about Angelina Jolie’s new jewelry line, I thought she’d sold out. Turns out, her baubles collection carries more weight than other star lines. Here’s why:

  1. It’s expensive. Pieces start at $4,000, a far cry from JewelMint and the department store collections top designer and celebrities often downsize for. But that’s because Jolie’s out to raise cash, not earn it. Sales benefit the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, so while she’ll sell fewer items than if she partnered with Macy’s, Jolie’s charity bank will still fill up fast — relatively speaking, of course. Another reason for the higher price? Jolie — who’s been a UN Goodwill Ambassador for years — isn’t likely to pawn off fast fashion manufacturers to make her jewelry. Expect them to be crafted by talented artisans in fair working conditions. No blood diamonds in this bunch.
  2. She’s only serving private, invite-only clients (at least for now). You’ve got to be a special somebody to be offered a look at Angelina’s jewelry collection for now, since she’s most likely not wasting her time showing pieces unless clients are ready to buy up quickly. Jolie may design a lower-end collection from Middle American buyers, but that’s still to be worked out.
  3. The jewelery’s on the road. To reach clients around the world without wasting money on overhead for retail space, Jolie’s collection is a traveling one. Starting in Beverly Hills and then moving on to Monaco, the limited availability may also inspire her audience to impulse buy, which is good for charity.
  4. It’s probably not junk: An extension of reason #1, Jolie’s pieces cost a lot and are most likely going to be manufactured by legitimate vendors. Therefore, the higher price tag means really beautiful, long-lasting jewelry you’d be proud to pass on.

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Interview with Prabal Gurung at Atrium

Tuesday night at new Houston boutique Atrium — adjacent to owner Luvi Wheelock’s bridal couture shop Casa de Novia — Prabal Gurung met with Houston’s perkiest fashionistas. And while I didn’t get a blowout or wear my Louboutins for the event, I still got two questions in with the Singapore-born, Nepalese-raised designer. In a raised atrium with the late evening spring sun shining down onto his Fall 2011 collection — cocktail dresses, blouses and gowns in cream, black, hot pink and deliciously overly saturated lava and crimson (including the dress at left), I pulled Prabal away from his cooing flock, and he graciously sat down for a quick chat:

FSML: You’ve become a real, leading figure in the American fashion industry and in terms of American style — sort of a darling for the CFDA and Vogue — but how does your very international background continue to inspire you?

PG: Subconsciously, it’s always there. From living in Singapore, Nepal, London, India and everywhere. And I hope the “darling” part is always because of my work? (he got pretty sheepish here, raising his eyebrows)

FSML: Of course! That’s what I meant. Okay, today I was playing around on your website and saw the video in which you talk about how your inspirations always change when it comes to mood, colors, maybe a picture you’ve seen, but that you always design for “your girl.” Who is she?

PG: I always say that she’s a thinking man’s sexy woman, and what I mean by that is that she loves fashion but also loves other issues. She’s smart, aware, excited about getting dressed but is more of the world than just clothes. She knows the issues.

I’d promised Prabal just two questions so that he could back to his clients, so the interview ended there. Thanks to the lovely Priscilla (with me and Prabal at right) for the pictures!


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What’s your “tacky trend?”

Photo Source: Denimology

I’m no Jackie when it comes to fashion — I prefer my leopard print and big sunglasses with a little more rawness — but there’s not much from Vanessa Hudgens’ wardrobe I’d steal, either (although girlfriend does do Coachella up right). Except for her collection of ripped and rocker Siwy shorts.

I’ve got two pairs myself — this pair being the trashier of the two. Everyone from Sienna Miller to Kate Moss to Miley have been photographed wearing them, so I realize Siwy’s comfy, laid-back staples aren’t PWT-material exclusively, but I’m secretly dying for a pair of tie-dyed or white shredded shorts. I’ve never been to LA and am not a huge fan of the city’s overall fashion aesthetic, but I’ve got a barely veiled weakness for tacky jean shorts that’s only kept in check by Siwy’s price tag.

What’s your closet tacky trend, and how often do you let if fly?

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