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Michelle Obama outshines two presidents

Photo Source: Doug Mills for The New York Times

“It’s wonderful how that dress renders two of the most powerful men in the world completely invisible.”

~”St. Valentine,” a commenter on Cathy Horyn’s NYT blog post about Michelle Obama’s stunning red and black Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown she wore to last night’s White House dinner honoring Chinese President Hu Jintao.

It’s true, though, no?


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“The house should go with him.” McQueen weighs in on Versace

Last night I watched the 2001 documentary, Fashion Victim: The Killing of Gianni Versace. I didn’t know that much about Gianni and the beginnings of the Versace brand, and I was also intrigued about the film because I was on vacation visiting family on Long Island the summer he was killed, and it was a huge story there. I was 12, and my cousin and I were always on the lookout for Andrew Cunanan.

The documentary is fantastic: it provides a critical look at Gianni’s spending, his ambitions, and also his creativity, and there are great shots of Claudia, Helena, Kate and Naomi as just babies.

But one of the most touching — and then eerie and upsetting — aspects of the film is the commentary provided by the late Alexander McQueen, who was then building his own brand and also designing for Givenchy. You really get the impression of how sensitive he was, and even his criticisms of Gianni are translated as a sweet study in how one designer chooses to do business vs. how another values the art behind it. For his last quote, regarding Donatella’s takeover, McQueen almost made my own heart stop.

“I personally think when a designer dies,” he says, “the house should go with him. I wouldn’t like McQueen to carry on without McQueen there.”

Sarah Burton might want to sleep with a night light.

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Who else makes cargo pants?

Photo Source: denimblog.com

JBrand’s Houlihan cargo pants. You know them. Everyone has them: SJP, Rachel Bilson, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, and Jessica Alba practically lives in hers (Pink Mascara doesn’t even waste time listing: their product page simply says “…as seen on Jessica Alba + many others). I get the appeal: you know I’m a JBrand girl, and I’m all about turning more interesting items into unexpected staples.

But does anyone else make cargo pants? I would never buy these, unless they were on sale for, like, $20. Singer22, Pink Mascara, Shopbop, Kitson, etc, etc are still selling them for $230 and up, which makes me think they’re still going to be around for a while, and like that skull and crossbones Alexander McQueen scarf from a couple of years ago, what is everyone’s obsession with wearing the exact same piece? It’s not just the same trend or same idea: everyone in Hollywood is walking around in a prom or Oscar night nightmare.

Anlo, Current/Elliott, Elizabeth & James, Twenty8Twelve: where have you been? Can someone else please make a new pair of skinny (or just cute) cargos?


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Alexander McQueen Fall 2010: Fit for a king

Photo Source: Style.com

This is late, but worth it.

Alexander McQueen’s final runway show was held posthumously last week in Paris, and though it was a limited collection, it’s breathtaking. McQueen was influenced by medieval royalty, and these dresses deserve to be in a museum. Tanya D. looks like an oil painting come to life (at left), which makes me hope the McQueen camp requires its Fall 2010 clients and buyers to be just as naturally beautiful and elegant. No one short of magnificent should be allowed to wear the last McQueen.

Check out the full slideshow and Sarah Mower’s review here.

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Alexander McQueen’s funeral, memorial service

Photo Source: The Daily Mail

Now this is what you wear to a funeral. Daphne Guinness, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Stella McCartney all attended Alexander McQueen’s private funeral service today in London, and a public memorial service will be held when the McQueen camp regroups after Paris. Which is kind of tacky.

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What’s talent?

Not every designer or fashion brand operates like Wal-Mart.

In fact, some designers use factories, vendors and manufacturers right here in the United States. And that is a fact that How to Lose Friends and Alienate People writer and Telegraph blogger Toby Young may take care to note. In an article he wrote for the British newspaper’s website today, Young rips into the fashion industry for being superficial, worthless and coddling, particularly with designers like Alexander McQueen.

Young argues “that there’s no such thing as talent in fashion — at least, not in the sense in which it’s normally understood.” He laughs off editors who talk about construction and tailoring, then absurdly proclaims that “they pretend they know something about the stitching techniques used in Indonesian sweatshops.”

This article appears just two days after Eric Wilson’s NYT feature on the tents at Bryant Park, the preeminent symbol that legitimizes the fashion industry in America. Wilson explains how Bryant Park, centered in the drowning garment district, provided emerging designers with an accessible, practical gathering place to show their work. Because — and this is where Young should pay attention — many designers like Nanette Lepore and Anna Sui actually work a few blocks away. That means the clothes are sketched, stitched, fitted and shown in one Midtown Manhattan neighborhood, and not in Indonesia.

Many top brands do use overseas manufacturers, catty, silly editors do exist, and the fashion industry can be bitchy and superficial. But fashion is an industry, not a game, and not everyone can do it. Talent and hard work are translated tangibly, clothes can’t all cost $5, and no, you probably couldn’t have made that yourself.

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Alexander McQueen, 40, commits suicide

Photo Source: The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has just reported that British fashion designer Alexander McQueen “has been found dead after taking his own life.” There don’t seem to be many details yet, only that McQueen — known for his avant-garde and sometimes aggressively dramatic vision — was scheduled to participate in Paris Fashion Week on March 9.

UPDATE: The NYT’s Eric Wilson shares more information about the events surrounding McQueen’s suicide this morning at his apartment in London. Also included: a summary of his work and experience and a slideshow portfolio.

McQueen’s McQ show at MAC and Milk during New York Fashion Week this afternoon appears to have been cancelled.

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