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What do Coco Rocha and Naomi Campbell have in common?

Photo source: AFP/Getty Images

All that traveling, and only a passing knowledge of world geography, apparently.

Naomi — who started modeling at 15 — testified in front of a war crimes tribunal that she’d never heard of Liberia when she attended a 1997 dinner party (and unknowingly accepted blood diamonds) there.

And smart little Coco on whom we’ve come to depend for her rational perspective on the modeling industry, told the Huffington Post that she’d never heard of Corsica when her fiance James suggested it for their honeymoon. (via Fashionologie)


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DVF lets you “shop the show”

Photo Source: style.com

You can trick yourself all you want by saying that online shopping gives you just as much of a thrill as trying on clothes in the store, handing over your credit card, and taking them home with you right then and there. But while buying pretty pieces online in the middle of the night hurts so good, it’s sometimes anticlimactic.

DVF has given online shopping the boost it needed with her shop the show addition on her website. Watch a video of the Fall 2010 runway show, and then click on the piece names to the right to buy or pre-order them. You’re going to have to remember that sparkly blazer may not look quite as good on you as it does on Coco, but you do get to see the clothes in movement, and how they work layered over each other, a perspective you just can’t get from Shopbop.

I think more designers or even department stores and online boutiques should keep experimenting with this idea. Hayden-Harnett’s IRL newsletter lets you see the clothes on real women, and what if they got to run their own catwalk so that we could examine fit, texture and styling potential in a new way?

I’m thinking a new YouTube channel is in order…

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Behati bemoans the model-slash

The model and best friend dream team of Coco Rocha and Behati Prinsloo have set me straight: forget the model-slash, it’s just called trying something new.

On her blog (and Twitter) today, Coco revealed their latest portfolio of down-time talent and collaboration: Coco’s engagement pics…shot by Behati (see left.) Apparently Behati’s been working on her photography skills for the past year, calling it her “secret life.” She prefers to shoot in black and white, but these pictures of Coco and her now-husband James lounging around Central Park are good enough to be in a back-to-school editorial or an Anthropologie catalog.

Keep reading here to find the whole interview with Behati and behind-the-shoot stories, as well as more photos. Don’t you just love double threat models?

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The Great Megan Fox-Rosie Huntinginton-Whiteley swap

Photo via People.com

Two weeks ago we found out about Victoria’s Secret and Burberry girl Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s move to the big screen, replacing Megan Fox as Mikaela Banes in the Transformers 3 film.

And to complete the swap? Megan Fox is returning as the Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans model for Fall/Winter 2010-2011.

So what other models and actresses would you like to see switch jobs for a season? How about Coco Rocha moonlighting as Bella Swan, or Lara Stone as the new Serena VDW? Those actresses get enough magazine covers as it is: wouldn’t it be ironic to give them back to the models as they take over the movie business?

Just for fun.


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Coco’s new gigs

Photo Source: Style.com

It’s almost impossible to keep up with model Coco Rocha’s new slashes, but here’s a recap of what the Canadian model’s been up to lately:

  • She launched her own clothing line Rococo, which she debuted at the Grammys. The dress was kinda weird, but she wants to show at NYFW in September, so we’ll save our official judging til then.
  • She wrote an essay for the NYT. Not in the style section, in the business section. It’s actually an “as told to” essay, but it’s a cute, revealing story about the airline industry, and about the redhead’s own impatience (and paranoia).
  • She’s been all over New York lately, talking about scary skinny models and the pressure to be thin, including on a CFDA panel and another NYT interview in which she uncovered the truth about her scarcity on catwalks these days: no one wants her because she’s too “fat.”
  • She’s engaged.

My guess is that she’ll be on Oprah soon. Coco’s no stranger to TV, and Oprah could use the extra correspondent, or just settle for an interview.

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"I'm a mouse, duh!"


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Victoria’s stolen all our angels


Photo Source: Style.com

My friend Helen sent me a letter (yes, a letter!) recently, with a cutout from one of the more recent Victoria’s Secret catalogs. That Lily was modeling.

I’ve seen Chanel in the catalog, Stam deigns to walk the runway show, and for a time Gisele bridged high fashion runway with the VS catalog, but Lily? She’s our Alexander Wang girl, our Burberry girl, Galliano, Givenchy, Lagerfeld and the Fashion’s Night Out girl for chrissake. I know it’s for the paycheck and for the chance to have people other than the fashion crowd and the Downtown kids know her name, but for someone who’s worshiped for her ethereal looks, who needs wings? Besides, isn’t posing in your underwear like this way more fun?

Who’s next to fall? Coco?

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