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Who else makes cargo pants?

Photo Source: denimblog.com

JBrand’s Houlihan cargo pants. You know them. Everyone has them: SJP, Rachel Bilson, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, and Jessica Alba practically lives in hers (Pink Mascara doesn’t even waste time listing: their product page simply says “…as seen on Jessica Alba + many others). I get the appeal: you know I’m a JBrand girl, and I’m all about turning more interesting items into unexpected staples.

But does anyone else make cargo pants? I would never buy these, unless they were on sale for, like, $20. Singer22, Pink Mascara, Shopbop, Kitson, etc, etc are still selling them for $230 and up, which makes me think they’re still going to be around for a while, and like that skull and crossbones Alexander McQueen scarf from a couple of years ago, what is everyone’s obsession with wearing the exact same piece? It’s not just the same trend or same idea: everyone in Hollywood is walking around in a prom or Oscar night nightmare.

Anlo, Current/Elliott, Elizabeth & James, Twenty8Twelve: where have you been? Can someone else please make a new pair of skinny (or just cute) cargos?



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The jean short debate, Part 2 (or 3)

Photo Source: Shopbop.com

It’s part 3 if you consider this old post, but only part 2 if we’re referring to the cost debate: How much will you pay for short jean shorts?

Today, in about 8 minutes, I received from the post man, tried on, belted, cuffed and shoved back in the mailing envelope these shorts from Forever 21. They didn’t fit, which isn’t anyone’s fault, but it made me desperate enough to start toying with the idea of splurging on a pair of J Brands. I know my size in J Brands, they’re my favorite real jeans, and shorts have been my staple since elementary school (so, I know I’d wear them over and over).

Last March, we discussed the price of Current/Elliott denim shorts, which then ran for $178 on Shopbop. This year, they’re $189, the J Brands are $165, and Anlo, Ksubi, Sass and Bide and other brands are in that range and above. How much did you pay for short jean shorts this past year, or did you make your own (like I did, 10 minutes ago)?

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