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Weeding out spring’s florals

Project Iris burnout tee

“Florals…for spring?” You’d think every designer, stylist and fashion editor would hear an echo of Miranda Priestly’s snide put-down every time they added flowers to the spring and summer mix. And yet, each year, florals are touted as an It trend for…spring. Here are some of the best this year — in terms of originality, appeal, and versatility.

Project Iris: Original artwork is printed on these light-weight tees, and a portion of each sale is  donated to the World Food Program to provide nutritious meals to mothers and their young children in the developing world.

Diane von Furstenberg: Diane’s bright prints are appealing for their saturated colors and flattering, all-over pattern. It’s only when you look closely that you realize leaves, buds and poppies are her inspiration.

Jewelry: Flowers made out of more substantial materials — wood, metal — anchor the trend’s delicate nature.

Urban Outfitters shorts: I had a pair of these when I was in 5th grade, I think. That alone gives me enough push-pull to want them again (or not) but the 90s washed-out color palette on top of a tailored printed short really is perfect for pool parties and brunch.


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DVF lets you “shop the show”

Photo Source: style.com

You can trick yourself all you want by saying that online shopping gives you just as much of a thrill as trying on clothes in the store, handing over your credit card, and taking them home with you right then and there. But while buying pretty pieces online in the middle of the night hurts so good, it’s sometimes anticlimactic.

DVF has given online shopping the boost it needed with her shop the show addition on her website. Watch a video of the Fall 2010 runway show, and then click on the piece names to the right to buy or pre-order them. You’re going to have to remember that sparkly blazer may not look quite as good on you as it does on Coco, but you do get to see the clothes in movement, and how they work layered over each other, a perspective you just can’t get from Shopbop.

I think more designers or even department stores and online boutiques should keep experimenting with this idea. Hayden-Harnett’s IRL newsletter lets you see the clothes on real women, and what if they got to run their own catwalk so that we could examine fit, texture and styling potential in a new way?

I’m thinking a new YouTube channel is in order…

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“I Have Nothing to Wear in My Hair!”

One of my favorite DVF collections, which also inspired my hairstyling resolutions

If you’ve ever met me, you know that I have atrociously long hair. After a couple of fabulous short hair cuts — followed by a horribly botched bob — I swore off short hair and went 13 months without a hair cut. Then I got it evened out and went another year without even a trim. I’ve gotten my hair under control somewhat, but I refuse to part with it. I have nightmares about it being cut too short, and a year ago, there was a crazy person roaming around Houston grocery and convenience stores hurling glue into young women’s hair. They had to cut it out, and I barely wanted to go out.

I’m considering hacking off a whole two inches in July, but in the meantime, it’s getting hot, and my hair’s in the way. When you’re hair is down to your elbows, you’ve got to start styling it again, or else you look more like Rosamond than a Wang girl. Blow drying more than the top half is out of the question when it gets to be 95, and while I just got my new fedora, I can’t wear that all the time. So I’ve started spicing up my side braid (that, too, was getting tired). I got the idea from this Karlie Kloss for Hermes ad, and while I’m pretty sure she’s got some extensions in, it’s a really easy look to copy.

I’ve so far used 1/2-inch thick ribbon, and just use it for the braided ponytail (and not around my head like Karlie), but I’m going to start experimenting with thicker varieties and even shredding handkerchiefs for a fuller look that will bring more body to my fine hair. If I had an Hermes scarf, that would work too.


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Diane takes a back seat for Haiti

Photo Source: People.com

Designer and CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg is a high-profile leader in the fashion industry, and still highly recognizable outside of it. But the CFDA has chosen a different spokesperson to rally support for its “Fashion for Haiti” campaign: Beyoncé.

The shirt — which is now expected to go on sale February 16, and not on February 12, as was previously reported — features a logo designed by Peter Arnell, the man behind DKNY, PepsiCo and other easily recognizable images.

Designers and retailers from Betsey Johnson to Manolo Blahnik to Tommy Hilfiger to Zappos.com will carry the shirt, which retails for $25. You can see all shopping information here.

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Best leather skirts


Photo Source: Bloomingdale's

I’ve never been into leather besides my shoes, jackets and bags, but it’s hard for me to resist all the leather skirts I’ve seen around this fall. I usually stick to brown leather because I think black leather makes me look too cheesy, but below are my picks for best leather skirts, in all colors.

1.) Gray leather pencil skirt, Bebe: This sleek leather skirt is actually very modest for Bebe, and the gray is an unexpected but still neutral shade that really works. $169.

2.) Geren Ford Snap Placket Leather Skirt: Geren Ford has convinced me that wearing a black leather mini skirt doesn’t mean you have to look trashy. Its cute bubble shape and haphazard snaps are youthful and fun, when worn with the right shoes. $474.

3.) Washed calfskin leather skirt, J.Crew: The idea of calfskin always makes me cringe, and this skirt is too expensive for me anyway. But it’s beautiful, comes in a flattering shade of tan and can be dressed up for work or cocktail parties. $595.

4.) Diane von Furstenberg Adame Leather Skirt: This beautiful contrasting leather pencil skirt above is exactly why I’m loving leather skirts in the first place: it looks warm but isn’t bulky or cheesy. It’s ladylike and raw at the same time, and I wish it was mine. $255 (on sale).


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How much do you read into style names?

All the Best Blog

Photo Source: All the Best Blog

It seems like fashion designers and consumers have been obsessed with style names for a while: Hermes’ Kelly and Birkin bags, Marc Jacobs’ Stam bag after model Jessica Stam, and one of my new favorites, this Diane von Furstenberg “Olsen” dress. I personally can’t picture either Olsen wearing the sweet cocktail dress, but Diane, like other designers, probably felt the need to pay them back for good press and muse-worthy inspiration (from Influence especially).

But how much does a style’s name affect the customer’s desire to purchase? Carrying a bag designed for Grace Kelly is a veritable marketing point, but what about when lesser known designers or even mass retailers start playing the game?

When I first saw this French Connection tunic for example, I thought that it had potential but was a little generic looking. Then I looked at its name: “Harlem Nights Top.”  And for a second I could imagine myself sipping highballs and feeling mysteriously sexy while dancing my way down to Harlem. And then logic took over again and I moved on.


Photo Source: Shopbop.com

But what about this Beckerman dress, at left? It’s called the Dakota Cowl Dress, and don’t you think it looks like something the newly chic Dakota Fanning would wear? As cute as she’s dressing these days, I don’t want to wear something named after a snaggly toothed 14-year old.

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What’s your election day signature?


Photo Source: store.barackobama.com

Happy Election Day!

No matter which candidate you’re supporting, there are a lot of shirts, bags, hats and pullovers out there dedicated to getting the word out about Obama and McCain. How are you expressing your candidate of choice? Designers like Tory Burch, Vera Wang, Jay-Z and Pharrell designed Obama t-shirts, and McCain’s camp has designed a line of “Joe the Plumber” shirts and gear.

Or are you just not a “t-shirt” kind of girl? Before or after you vote (most places won’t let you in if you’re wearing anything political), what’s your election day signature?

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