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DVF lets you “shop the show”

Photo Source: style.com

You can trick yourself all you want by saying that online shopping gives you just as much of a thrill as trying on clothes in the store, handing over your credit card, and taking them home with you right then and there. But while buying pretty pieces online in the middle of the night hurts so good, it’s sometimes anticlimactic.

DVF has given online shopping the boost it needed with her shop the show addition on her website. Watch a video of the Fall 2010 runway show, and then click on the piece names to the right to buy or pre-order them. You’re going to have to remember that sparkly blazer may not look quite as good on you as it does on Coco, but you do get to see the clothes in movement, and how they work layered over each other, a perspective you just can’t get from Shopbop.

I think more designers or even department stores and online boutiques should keep experimenting with this idea. Hayden-Harnett’s IRL newsletter lets you see the clothes on real women, and what if they got to run their own catwalk so that we could examine fit, texture and styling potential in a new way?

I’m thinking a new YouTube channel is in order…


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Best online sale EVER.

haydenpresidentialsaleYou still have a couple of days to shop the best online sale EVER, also known as the Hayden-Harnett Presidential Sale.

Everything is 50% off, including sale items. I’ve already scooped up my goodies, but there are still some choice items left, like belts in the $60-90 range, and this gorgeous colorblock shoulder bag, just $144. And if you think that’s still too high, consider that it’s made of eelskin and lambskin, and was originally $312.

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