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Which “It” item are you secretly craving?

“It” bags and clothing pieces have finally gotten a bad rap after the 90s and early 2000s: no one wants to look like everyone else anymore. And thanks to a paparazzi culture that gets even more rabid by the week, everything has become instantly recognizable: what scarf Vanessa Hudgens wears to Barneys, Kate Hudson’s favorite plane bag, and Sienna’s go-to beach wrap.

You can tell when an item has been pushed to death by PR — it’s in every campaign and editorial, and often on the red carpet — but that doesn’t mean every “It” item deserves a yawn. I’ll admit I’m still yearning just to touch Alexander Wang’s Coco Duffel and Rocco bags even though Miley Cyrus, Kristin Cavallari and Dakota Fanning have them. Which “it” items are you secretly pining for? An Herve Leger bandage dress? A Marc Jacobs Stam? Lauren Conrad’s collection of plaid button-downs, or those JBrand Houlihan cargos?

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Who else makes cargo pants?

Photo Source: denimblog.com

JBrand’s Houlihan cargo pants. You know them. Everyone has them: SJP, Rachel Bilson, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, and Jessica Alba practically lives in hers (Pink Mascara doesn’t even waste time listing: their product page simply says “…as seen on Jessica Alba + many others). I get the appeal: you know I’m a JBrand girl, and I’m all about turning more interesting items into unexpected staples.

But does anyone else make cargo pants? I would never buy these, unless they were on sale for, like, $20. Singer22, Pink Mascara, Shopbop, Kitson, etc, etc are still selling them for $230 and up, which makes me think they’re still going to be around for a while, and like that skull and crossbones Alexander McQueen scarf from a couple of years ago, what is everyone’s obsession with wearing the exact same piece? It’s not just the same trend or same idea: everyone in Hollywood is walking around in a prom or Oscar night nightmare.

Anlo, Current/Elliott, Elizabeth & James, Twenty8Twelve: where have you been? Can someone else please make a new pair of skinny (or just cute) cargos?


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Big red

JBrand jeans, from RueLaLa.com

I had two pairs of red skinny jeans sent to my inbox today: one pair of JBrands via RueLaLa, and another from Rag & Bone, from a Barneys blast. My two favorite brands of jeans are JBrand and Rag & Bone (I only have one pair of Rag & Bones that I bought waaaay on sale a couple of years ago), and while both of the red pairs are slightly more cigarette-y than the jeggings I usually wear, I can’t stop thinking about them.

Hours after the RueLaLa e-mail, every single size is still available, even though they’re nearly $100 off. To be fair, most of the other JBrand styles are still available, too (what’s wrong with you people?), but is red just a big __ flag for “what was she thinking,” kind of like white jeans used to be?

I’m always on the lookout for unexpected staples, and while I hate red and black together, you could wear any shade of gray or cream with these, plus pale pink, white, mustard yellow, and a range of prints, and possibly even chambray if you accessorized right. Am I way off base, or are red skinny jeans a good wardrobe staple, for Ellen Paige wannabes as well as the preppies and bike-riding hipsters?

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