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What’s your “tacky trend?”

Photo Source: Denimology

I’m no Jackie when it comes to fashion — I prefer my leopard print and big sunglasses with a little more rawness — but there’s not much from Vanessa Hudgens’ wardrobe I’d steal, either (although girlfriend does do Coachella up right). Except for her collection of ripped and rocker Siwy shorts.

I’ve got two pairs myself — this pair being the trashier of the two. Everyone from Sienna Miller to Kate Moss to Miley have been photographed wearing them, so I realize Siwy’s comfy, laid-back staples aren’t PWT-material exclusively, but I’m secretly dying for a pair of tie-dyed or white shredded shorts. I’ve never been to LA and am not a huge fan of the city’s overall fashion aesthetic, but I’ve got a barely veiled weakness for tacky jean shorts that’s only kept in check by Siwy’s price tag.

What’s your closet tacky trend, and how often do you let if fly?


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From the other side: Jorts

I was sick most of last week, but even though I wasn’t posting regularly, that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t keeping my hand in, as Holly Golightly would say. You all know my side of the jean shorts debate, but here’s a little jewel I found from my dear friend Alexis, who has been anti- “jorts” for years:

“Despite what may go in or out of style, I have to stick to my principles. Denim should only be worn as long jeans are worn. Jorts in any style, on any gender, are strictly prohibited. I also have an aversion to Jeackets (Jean jackets) and Jirts (Jean skirts) and other denim posing as anything other than pants. Chambray is ok though.”

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The jean short debate, Part 2 (or 3)

Photo Source: Shopbop.com

It’s part 3 if you consider this old post, but only part 2 if we’re referring to the cost debate: How much will you pay for short jean shorts?

Today, in about 8 minutes, I received from the post man, tried on, belted, cuffed and shoved back in the mailing envelope these shorts from Forever 21. They didn’t fit, which isn’t anyone’s fault, but it made me desperate enough to start toying with the idea of splurging on a pair of J Brands. I know my size in J Brands, they’re my favorite real jeans, and shorts have been my staple since elementary school (so, I know I’d wear them over and over).

Last March, we discussed the price of Current/Elliott denim shorts, which then ran for $178 on Shopbop. This year, they’re $189, the J Brands are $165, and Anlo, Ksubi, Sass and Bide and other brands are in that range and above. How much did you pay for short jean shorts this past year, or did you make your own (like I did, 10 minutes ago)?

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Jean shorts and tights.


Photo Source: Chictopia.com

Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, it looks amazing. Just ask this girl. And not Katie Holmes or Lily Allen.

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When is fashion slutty?

The Sartorialist

Photo Source: The Sartorialist

I came across this photo the other day when I was checking out The Sartorialist blog. My first thought was “hey she looks really cute.” Then I thought “What is she wearing?!”

Don’t fishnets, gold heels, ripped jean shorts and a little girl’s headband make you look pretty…trashy? Why does this look work on this girl? Is it because she’s young and skinny and also has a great bag (and great watch)?

What factors make you look slutty? Or can any look be considered fashion if it’s someone’s true style? Comments, please!

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