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What’s your “tacky trend?”

Photo Source: Denimology

I’m no Jackie when it comes to fashion — I prefer my leopard print and big sunglasses with a little more rawness — but there’s not much from Vanessa Hudgens’ wardrobe I’d steal, either (although girlfriend does do Coachella up right). Except for her collection of ripped and rocker Siwy shorts.

I’ve got two pairs myself — this pair being the trashier of the two. Everyone from Sienna Miller to Kate Moss to Miley have been photographed wearing them, so I realize Siwy’s comfy, laid-back staples aren’t PWT-material exclusively, but I’m secretly dying for a pair of tie-dyed or white shredded shorts. I’ve never been to LA and am not a huge fan of the city’s overall fashion aesthetic, but I’ve got a barely veiled weakness for tacky jean shorts that’s only kept in check by Siwy’s price tag.

What’s your closet tacky trend, and how often do you let if fly?


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