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Surprising brands to covet this summer

I used to only get L.L. Bean and Fossil catalogs around holiday time, but I’ve been impressed with their spring and summer mailings that have arrived the last few months. And while Fossil overhauled its mostly classic accessories image a few years ago by integrating fun new colors in leather goods and new American sportswear staples, L.L. Bean Signature’s very recent collections have truly surprised me.

Summer’s a natural season to look to crisp, classic looks that battle heat and humidity, and dresses, shorts, sandals, and blouses from these two outfitters are reasonably priced for their quality and reputation (particularly L.L. Bean). So get over your hipster or trendsetting ego and stock up on some of these season-spanning looks:

Fossil Willow Skirt

Fossil Rachel Dress

L.L. Bean Signature Desert Bootie

L.L. Bean Signature Ruffle Tie-Neck top


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Weeding out spring’s florals

Project Iris burnout tee

“Florals…for spring?” You’d think every designer, stylist and fashion editor would hear an echo of Miranda Priestly’s snide put-down every time they added flowers to the spring and summer mix. And yet, each year, florals are touted as an It trend for…spring. Here are some of the best this year — in terms of originality, appeal, and versatility.

Project Iris: Original artwork is printed on these light-weight tees, and a portion of each sale is  donated to the World Food Program to provide nutritious meals to mothers and their young children in the developing world.

Diane von Furstenberg: Diane’s bright prints are appealing for their saturated colors and flattering, all-over pattern. It’s only when you look closely that you realize leaves, buds and poppies are her inspiration.

Jewelry: Flowers made out of more substantial materials — wood, metal — anchor the trend’s delicate nature.

Urban Outfitters shorts: I had a pair of these when I was in 5th grade, I think. That alone gives me enough push-pull to want them again (or not) but the 90s washed-out color palette on top of a tailored printed short really is perfect for pool parties and brunch.

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Name one item that costs the same now as it did 10 years ago

Photo Source: llbean.com

Yesterday afternoon I flipped through my L.L. Bean catalog, looking for the one spring/summer item I turn to each year (I usually only order from L.L. Bean around Christmastime) — their boat and tote bag. So many colors, such a classic American look, and hey, such a reasonable price! In fact, “the same price since 2001” was written in the catalog next to the bags, and I had to give myself a minute to appreciate the cost control.

Can you think of anything sold retail that’s still the same price it was a decade ago? I’ve recently been lamenting the major amp up in cost of J.Crew’s chino shorts, which are now going for $42.50 ($45 for the longer styles). I can guarantee my mother didn’t spend $90 on two pairs of summer shorts back when I was in high school.

As much as I pick out my perfect L.L.Bean boat and tote bag each year — color, size, open- or zip-top, and monogram — I never buy one because I never go to the beach or even picnic. At least it’ll (hopefully) be the same price next year…

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ALICE by Temperley bikes through the Hamptons

Temperley London’s younger, brand new ALICE line just got its online shop and now its own bike tour in the Hamptons.

Guest riders (presumably models) wearing ALICE by Temperley clothes will be biking around East Hampton, South Hampton and Montauk through Labor Day, passing out popsicles from People’s Pops and free gift vouchers to the East Hampton Temperley London store.

Play Spot the ALICE bike and enter a raffle by following @who_is_alice on Twitter each Friday. As someone who personally can’t make it to Long Island until this fall, it’s still a fun feed to check, especially if you’re stuck inside all summer, wishing for a summer share or even a sole beach day.

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“Fringe is so in right now”

Some store clerk in Dallas told me that the last time I was in town to visit my friend Helen, and while the flair she was talking about wasn’t quite fringe, she’s on the money.

Last week while waiting for my return flight to Houston from Charles de Gaulle in Paris, I flipped through the Life&Style-type magazine ENVY, and according to their style editors, the Coachella look is “so in right now.” While we Americans are still obsessing over Breton stripes, les francaises just want fringe.

The magazine was full of ridiculous cowboy and Indian puns (“Rock-a-hontas” appeared under a photo of Mischa Barton if I’m not mistaken), and on every single fashion page and of course in the editorials, models and celebrities dripped with leather fringe. I studied abroad in Paris in 2005, and that’s when every chic girl there kicked around the city in cowboy boots, tight blazers and ripped black tights. If you head to the city of love this summer, you’ll probably get to see a pretty interesting incarnation of the American gypsy look.

The grass is always greener, whichever side of the pond you get dressed on.

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How to shop for a fedora: what you need to know

Photo Source: Fabsugar

I just bought my first summertime fedora from Lord & Taylor, and I’ve already mentally put together a million outfits to go with it for preppy and more relaxed looks. But before I made the purchase, I asked my good friend Anabel for tips: she’s sort of my fedora guru (and probably the most put together but original dresser I’ve ever met) Here are her tips on shopping for a fedora and styling the fedora:

1.” Never limit yourself to just checking out fedoras/hats for women, as some of the coolest fedoras are actually in the men’s section. Most of my fedoras were actually bought from mens stores. Just get the smaller size (men have small heads too!) plus you can mix menswear-style hats with more feminine pieces.
2. You can get cheap hats and redesign them if you have some imagination and a glue gun. Just buy a basic hat and make it your own by adding a cool ribbon or even some feathers on the side. A $10 hat can end up looking pretty expensive if you feel like getting  creative.
3. If you’re having a really, really, really bad hair day nothing is more low maintenence and fast than throwing on a hat. It looks great, it shows you have some personality, and no one will know how bad your hair really looks.”
Personally, I think fedoras look cute tilted a little forward (especially for those bad hair days), but also propped back like this summery retro look from Diane Kruger. If you have more tips to share, leave them below!


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Do you DIY your own tie-dye?

Barron Duquette Reese Dress, $325; Photo Source: Singer22.com

Barron Duquette Reese Dress, $325; Photo Source: Singer22.com

Back in middle school (or was it 5th grade?) tie-dying was a must for making matching group t-shirts for spirit day, 70s day and the last day of school. My friends and I got together to roll up and rubber-band cheap white t-shirts, and even though I was never good at DIY’ing my tie-dye, it was a lot of fun.

But now, haute tie-dye is coming back for summer, and I’ve got to wonder, if you jump back on this trend, are you going to pay a couple hundred bucks for a pro job or just tie-dye your beach cover-up in the bathroom?

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