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Design your own TOMS

Photo Source: TeenVogue.com

TOMS has lots of classic and funky shoes already, but now they want their most creative shoppers to submit custom designs.

The progressive shoe/philanthropic company has teamed up with Teen Vogue to promote the contest which will manufacture a limited-edition pair of shoes to be sold on tomsshoes.com.

You can buy a plain white pair of the shoes for 25% off or download a blank virtual canvas, which is free. Click here for more information and the entry form.

You’ve got until the end of April, so good luck!



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Britt gets a smile out of Karlie

Photo Source: TeenVogue.com

I know that Karlie Kloss is one of the hottest new models right now, but I’ve always wondered about her somber apperance in ads and on the runway. Sure, a lot of models and designers favor the melancholy, vacant stares as opposed to a happy model flouncing down the runway, but Karlie’s slow, zombie-like walk stands out among the regular pouters.

Britt — a writer from one of my favorite fashion blogs, Fashionista — seems to have changed all that and has given me a new, fresher perspective on the 16-year old model. Now that I’ve seen the picture at left, I’m hoping to see even more smiley — but still fashion-y — pictures of Karlie in the future.

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